About Live Oak


MISSION STATEMENT: To be a premier provider of comprehensive financial services, solutions and strategies, helping our clients fulfill short-term needs and realize long-term goals.


Live Oak Financial Services is defined by our core values. These traits are what our clients can expect from us:
  • ETHICAL: We hold dear the value of personal integrity and realize trust must be earned. As a CFP® practitioner, we maintain strict observance of the Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.
  • OBJECTIVE: Client interests shall always be placed before our own, and our goal is to provide solutions and strategies through comprehensive and impartial personal financial analysis. As such, Live Oak Financial Services is committed to remain independent to allow the freedom of utilizing a variety of resources and services.
  • PROFESSIONAL: Our clients have priorities other then financial strategizing, which is why superior service is a hallmark of Live Oak Financial Services. Moreover, we maintain the highest levels of confidentiality before, during and after all financial engagements.
  • FORWARD-THINKING: Acknowledging that the only true constant in life is change, we use advanced technology and financial tools available in order to help the client develop a plan that takes into account lifestyle, investment philosophy, family, and legacy.  
The result: A high-trust, professional and enduring relationship to help maximize the management, preservation and transfer of wealth.         
Live Oak Financial Services embraces a deep and unwavering commitment to certain beliefs and ideals:
  • We value our clients, serve as their advocates, and put their interests before our own.
  • We are committed to excellence, tell the truth and through our independent position can benefit our clients by providing objective advice. 
  • We desire long-term relationships, and through superior customer service we attempt to exceed client expectations. 
  • We employ a conservative approach to investment management and believe that superior financial results are caused by developing, implementing and maintaining a long term plan. 
  • Unless clearly imprudent to do so, we believe long-term investors should remain fully invested.
While recognizing clients want competitive investment returns, we also acknowledge and accept the fact that we are expected to manage risk.  Accordingly, our investment philosophy and strategy can be summarized as follows:
  • Risk assessment is the primary key in portfolio placement. We will conduct initial and on-going risk assessments with our clients to ensure they receive appropriate recommendations regarding portfolio suitability.
  • Asset allocation (the strategic decision determining a portfolios proportion of stocks, bonds and cash) establishes the fundamental tradeoff between risk and reward, and proper asset allocation should be aligned with the client’s risk tolerance.
  • We believe clients should not unknowingly have inappropriate risk in their portfolio, and overall risk reduction can be accomplished by properly utilizing risk management tools (i.e., life/long term care/auto/home/health insurance, etc).
  • Diversification by asset, sector, size, geography, and style all help reduce portfolio risk.  We believe, however, value can be added by overweighting or underweighting different market components as economic assumptions change. There is no guarantee that asset allocation or diversification will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, nor ensure a profit or protect against a loss.